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Everyone, where ever they are, can hear it all;

the interviews with the Bride and Groom,

dedications from parents, friends,

and so much more.



Whether you found each other living just blocks away

in the same home town,

or your origins span countries or continents,

sharing the joy of your unique and special occasion

is an important part of every wedding.

Hearing a song, dedication, shout out or message

from the Bride and Groom on

Wedding World Radio makes it possible for you,

your invited guests, family and friends, to share

your wedding week memories

in the present, through the magic of radio!

Through music,

dedications and heartfelt messages

of love and excitement,

Wedding World Radio connects the Bridal Couple

with their families and friends

in a truly unique way.

Traditional ways of sharing such as  cards,

letters, pictures and video all share past events,

after they have already happened.

Radio is an active medium that happens in the present, sharing with everyone at the same moment in time.

Reserve your wedding week!

Share the most exciting and memorable event of your life with everyone in your world.



Reserve now.

Simply put marriage is about sharing,

not only between the Bride and Groom, but also

their families and often cultures.

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