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Get the guests excited, even before the party begins!

One of the most effective ways to create a wedding to remember

is by getting all of your guests on the same "party" page,

even before they arrive.


The style, delivery and messaging that

your guests hear on the Wedding World Radio stream sets the tone, to help achieve the atmosphere and mood you desire for your wedding reception celebration.



Whether you are striving for a more reserved affair

or looking to host the party of the decade,

there is a clear benefit to inspiring your guests

through tailored messaging and social cues.

Your Wedding World stream delivers

in fun and interesting ways.

The Benefits of a Featured Wedding


Enjoy all the benefits of featuring your wedding week on the

Wedding World Network. Share all the.excitement with your family,

friends and loved ones in a truly new way.

Create memorable moments your family and friends

will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

Setting the Mood

The most memorable time


In all the buzz and rush leading up to a wedding,

special moments can get blurred in the frantic pace.


From the instant she sees her finished wedding dress

and the moment he first holds a box of wedding bands, memories like these and so many more, happen quickly

and can easily slip by.

Memories that many would go back and share

time and again, can fade.


Wedding World Radio frames moments like these

and saves them in time, 

by streaming them "On-The Air"and preserving

those times you share, to keep forever.



Wherever loved ones and friends may live,

connecting is step one when it comes to sharing.


Wedding World Radio streams through the connectivity of the web and the entertainment of radio, to share the excitement

of your life event,

with the people who mean the most.


No matter where in the world

your family and friends may be,

from those just next door to ones living

or serving overseas,

the people in your life who care the most

can listen and share your wedding

like never before.

Real Time Sharing


Hearing songs, dedications and words of love from the familiar voices of family and friends, brings those both near and far together in spirit. 

Streaming shared moments in time, highlights these lifetime events, creating shared memories, as everyone across vast distances, experiences them together at the very same moment in time.

It's a sharing experience like no other.




A truly unique highlight


Weddings have long been an opportunity for people to express their personalities, as a couple.


A Wedding World Radio stream brings together the people in your world in an unmistakably new way.

Every guest will enjoy be part of making your wedding a truly unique and memorable experience, streaming the good cheer out to the world!


Theme wedding?


If you are setting a certain tone or creating a theme for your wedding,

Wedding World Radio professional announcers will work your theme into the "On-Air"



By re-enforcing your theme,

Wedding World Radio builds anticipation

and excitement for your event. Even before guests arrive,  your stream promotes the atmosphere

and experience that you want to create,

for your guests to enjoy. 

Unexpected Gift

Unexpected Gift


All of the Featured Weddings on the

Wedding World Network

enjoy an unexpected gift from the Bride and Groom

to family and friends.


A gift of Memories.


Memories created  "On-the-Air," through the music and special moments of your personalized

wedding stream

will be cherished and fondly remembered by all,

for years to come.

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