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More than a Picture

When we think of wedding memories, the ones that first come to mind are often those from pictures of a ceremony or reception,

like the ones that hang on the family wall.

Of course, your wedding memories are more than those photo's,

more than the entire wedding album and even more than video.


In fact, your wedding memories begin on your first date together

and  growing up to and leading all through your wedding week.


Wedding World Radio, playing your favorite music

and using professional announcers, creates a canvas where

memorable sentiments, dedications and "On-Air" shout outs

from your family and friends paint a week-long protrait of lifetime moments that will be long remembered.


All of this  even before your wedding day arrives.

And yes,  you will have those memories forever stored

on a Memory Keepsake to re-live

time and again at your pleasure.

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