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Branded streams of Wedding World Radio make a great addition to any venue's list of matrimonial amenities. A branded version of Wedding World Radio is brand specific to a single venue, a  customized stream of Wedding World Radio so clients can enjoy a truly personalized wedding experience that highlights your venue.


Through direct messaging, the branded stream of Wedding World Radio, showcases your facility, hotel or resort, incorporating its name throughout the broadcast and delivering specific brand messaging directly to your client and their guests.


Interviews highlight venue amenities, from catering with the Head Chef to a preview of the wedding cake.  Check ins with the Spa for previews of services, or wedding events to come. Custom updates can familiarize guests with activities, event times and locations, parking and travel information, and other shops and opportunities available throughout the venue. This custom stream presented "on-the-air," makes a completely unique wedding highlight, and a one of a kind offering exclusive to your brand and venue. A perfect compliment for every destination wedding.

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Venue Branding

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