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Wedding World Network


General Broadcast Rules, Guarantees & Disclaimers


Wedding World Network, Wedding World Radio and Wedding Radio Network and their web sites are all designations of, and shall here in be referred to as, Wedding World Network.


All audio submissions, interviews and recordings for broadcast shall become the property of Wedding World Network for the purposes of air play and promotion.

All submissions may be edited for time and content to aid in the programming of the station and presentation of material.

The selection, order, placement, presentation, repetition and time of air play forall material, shall be solely determined by, and at the sole discretion of the Wedding World Network program department.

Wedding World Network reserves the right to remove any recording from play without notification and at the sole discretion of the Wedding World Network program department.

Wedding World Network, its' employees, agents and representatives are not responsible for printing or typographical errors, any flawed recordings and related materials; for stolen, late, lost, garbled, delayed, misdirected, damaged, incomplete or illegible submissions. Wedding World Network, its' sponsors, their affiliates, employees, agents or representatives are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription or loss of submission information for any reason whatsoever.

Wedding World Network is not responsible for listener participation, nor the notification of, or promotion to any listener or potential listener, nor for any listener mis-dialed telephone numbers, misunderstood instruction or listener’s inability to keep appointment times, in person or by electronic device.

Wedding World Network is an internet broadcaster, its’ transmission and reception is solely dependent upon the viability of the World Wide Web, both locally and internationally. Wedding World Network is not responsible for loss of program transmission, reception and/or delivery due to internet stream failure, or interruption in the transmission or reception of digital information, in whole or in part, at any time.

Wedding World Network, its' parent company, announcers. program department, promotion department, its' sponsors, their affiliates, employees, agents or representatives make no claim as to any outcome, future outcome or event, nor guarantee any specific result from the use of its’ services.

Wedding Radio Network air play is intended specifically for clients and their designees. Any listening by unauthorized persons is incidental and not promoted by Wedding World Network. Wedding World Network or its’ agents or designees may monitor broadcasts for content. Clients and their designees may not sell any access information either to each other or to any third party.

Wedding World Network is presented free of commercial interruption and not responsible for any advertising, banners, pop-ups and additions of any kind inserted by internet service providers, networks, cable providers, carriers or streaming entities utilized to transmit or receive the Wedding World Network broadcast.

Wedding World Network is not responsible for any program delivery limitations due to the failure of network hosts, servers, transmission lines or any equipment provided by outside entities.

Wedding World Network shall deliver to the client various recorded interviews, dedications, shout-outs, called in reports, recorded contests and recorded specials from listeners associated with the client’s broadcast week and shall present that material via the World Wide Web and a digital copy on an appropriate storage device.

The term “broadcast” shall refer to the program material approved and streamed over the Wedding World Network. The term “on the air” or “on air” shall refer to the broadcast and any approved material presented via streaming on the World Wide Web. The term “listener(s)” shall refer to all participants in an on-air broadcast on the Wedding World Network who are not employees or designees of the network. The terms “interview(s), dedication(s), shout-out(s), called in report(s), recorded contest(s) and recorded special(s) shall refer to material recorded in association with the client’s broadcast week.

Wedding World Network may at its' sole discretion change, amend, add to and delete from its' posted rules and guidelines, at any time and without notification.


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